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All Rights Reserved. A grand sextile pattern is also often referred to as a Star of David pattern. A grand sextile pattern occurs when 6 planets are placed in 60 degree angles from each other and thus forming the Star of David pattern. How often does a grand sextile occur? This depends on what planets are used and what orb is used. I analyzed the years to using the 10 planets often used in modern astrology, Sun through Pluto.

I set the maximum allowable orb to 5 degrees. Using these criteria, grand sextile patterns occurred only 2 times between and The dates and approximate times when the maximum orb between two planets is at a minimum are:. A third grand sextile is actually just as impressive. It lasts for about a day and involves 7 planets.

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Uranus and Neptune are conjunct. The Moon moves into the 6th point of the grand sextile pattern, but Saturn and Neptune aspect Mars with an orb of over 5 degrees. A peak time of this grand sextile pattern is:. In addition to this data, Sirius 1. Shown below is a graph when 5 planets, not including the Moon, are at 5 points of the grand sextile pattern. Because the Moon moves much faster than other planets, one may wish to see when 5 planets come are at 5 of the 6 points of a Grand Sextile pattern.

Sextile Aspects in the Complete Horoscope

If the Moon moves into the 6th point, then a grand sextile pattern is formed. The height of the lines indicates how close the orbs are and how many times a 5-planet pattern occurs. For example, if 6 planets form a grand sextile pattern, then there will be many 5-planet patterns and the score will be very high.

Also, if 5 of the 6 points of the grand sextile pattern are occupied with a planet and one or more of the points are occupied by two planets that are conjunct, the score will be higher. The graph shows when the patterns are occurring and how strong they are. As we can see from the above graphs planets move into grand sextile aspects sporadically. I thoroughly analyzed grand sextile patterns through the year , but it appears from the graph in Figure 2, and also in the data presented in the Appendix, that there are likely to be grand sextiles in Children born at these times have a "Star of David " pattern in their birth charts.

This might seem to be very special. It is certainly very unusual.

Did something occur in world events that was similar during these three time periods? Was there somthing special related specifically to the planets involved, the signs that they were in and rule?

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  5. There are many schools of astrology and many approaches to astrological interpretation. Astrologers with different points of view now have this data available to interpret. The analysis could be done again with different orb, and including asteroids if desired. Are they fighting with each other in a harsh-feeling square? Of the five major aspects, some are considered hard aspects, or angles that bring about more difficulty and discord.

    Those are opposition and square. The easy aspects sometimes known as soft aspects are sextile and trine, and are considered to be gentler, and more positive and auspicious.

    Sextiles, Trines & Squares, Oh My! A Guide to the Planetary Aspects | Astrology Answers

    A conjunction isn't generally aligned with either category, considering the strong potential for it to go in either direction depending on the planets involved. But remember, none of this is written in stone: You can certainly have a helpful square or an unproductive trine.

    It's all in the details, so we can't over-generalize too much. While there are many different aspects that planets can find themselves in at any given time not to mention so many more factors to consider with each aspect than could ever fit in a single article , these five biggies are a really good place to start. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust and she chimed in about the must-know major aspects in astrology, too.

    You know your sun, moon, and rising signs ; you know about the twelve astrological houses , and now you're about to know all about major aspects, too. Happy stargazing! This hyper-focused aspect, which obviously occurs when two planets are zero degrees apart, blends the qualities of the two or more planets and makes their combined energy in the particular sign they're sharing extra intense and expressed. If the qualities of the planets involved work well together and are generally positive, it's a great aspect, full of potential for high-energy and action.

    The sextile can easily become an exercise in self-justification and spin-doctoring. With a Grand Sextile, you have all the beneficial and all the questionable potential of the sextile—times 6! Like all things in astrology, what is projected outward onto the manifest world tends to vary according to the wattage of the light shining through the chart. The Grand Sextile grants you amplified ability to be creative, inventive, innovative and perhaps visionary. So how will you use it?

    What obstructions in your life could benefit from some creative problem-solving? How could you set your mind free to see the potential beyond the barriers that hold you back?

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    By the same token, you might do well to ask yourself if there might be a hidden advantage to being held back. As strange as that might sound, we sometimes stay where we are because we fear that changes could bring a disadvantage that we don't want.

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    For example, say you are frustrated from being in a low-paying job. Although that's a disadvantage, perhaps it has low expectations and is therefore relatively low-stress, which is a priority for you. The Grand Sextile energy could be used to improve your financial situation in some way other than finding a higher paying, and therefore more demanding, job.

    Maybe overtime pay at your current job is an option, or you might find ways to reduce your expenses, or you might hold a garage sale that will both clear out a lot of old stuff you don't need and bring in some extra cash you didn't think you had. Perhaps you need money to buy something, and you realize you can get what you need in another form without having to spend as much money. An example might be that you want to hire someone to do housework once every couple of weeks, but you come across someone who will do it as a trade for something you can provide to them on a regular basis.

    Or you might hire someone who can help you reorganize so that the housework itself is made much easier. Do you see how this can work? It's about flexibility that can bring together seemingly separate or disconnected resources that create a whole new solution, or even a range of possible solutions.